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“I believe that education and opportunity should be open to all, and I have dedicated my career to helping students achieve their dreams.”

– Louis Quindlen | Peralta Trustee | Area 3

Leadership Through Experience

Meet Louis, an exceptional educational leader who, as the former Department Chair of the Laney College Machine Technology Program, prioritized students’ needs, spearheading its transformation into a top-tier institution, and now aims to make an even greater impact as a candidate for the Board of Trustee position. Throughout his tenure as the Department Chair of the Laney College Machine Technology Program from 2003 to 2020, he consistently prioritized the needs of students. His unwavering commitment led to the program’s remarkable transformation into one of the top institutions in California.

Inspired by this experience and driven by his dedication to students, he now seeks to make an even greater impact by running for the Board of Trustee position. He believes that with this new role, he can champion meaningful changes that will enhance students’ educational experiences and shape their futures for the better.

I was tasked with helping him develop a new brand and a campaign website that would position him as a candidate who actually has a plan that he would implement, experience and knowledge to back it up, and dedication to keep fighting for the needs and welfare of the students of Peralta education system.


Discovering Louis’ Vision

The process began with a discovery session with Louis and his team to get a clear sense of his background as an educator, the types of problems in the community he wanted to tackle, and how his experience, knowledge, and grit have the potential to create positive change for the students in the Peralta Community College system.

Further research online provided helpful information in forming the direction of the strategy such as what students were saying about him and how he’s changed their lives, who his opponent was and how they are positioning themselves, and how each college, although everyone was under the same umbrella, had their own identities that students latched on to. It became clear that we needed to position him as the candidate who was more deeply embedded and in tune with the needs of the community at Peralta Community College because of his first-hand experience working with the students and the educational system for almost two decades.

Understanding Individual Preference

In the vibrant tapestry of community college campuses, students embrace their own unique experiences and use them as fuel to pursue their educational goals. Drawing inspiration from their individuality and Louis’ history for grassroots politics, our goal was to create a brand that helps embrace those ideas and allows students to mix and match visual systems to show their support for the campaign however they see fit. The result was a brand that embraced the colorful nature of all the colleges combined.

The colors for the campaign were inspired from the different colleges under the Peralta Community College umbrella and optimized to evoke a brighter outlook towards a better education system.

College of Alameda

Berkeley City College

Merritt College

Laney College

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