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Cohort 4 Graduation

Santa Monica College Interaction Design Department

The Context: Santa Monica College’s Interaction Design class of 2021, also known as Cohort 4, has been more than a set of unique and talented individuals who studied UX and IxD together for 2 years. They have been a support system that treated each other like family and I am very happy to be part of this community. 

To show my gratitude and to give back, I volunteered to help design our class shirts for graduation as a souvenir for our time in the IxD Program.  

What seemed to be a small project turned into a fun branding project that had the potential to communicate stories in many different ways.

Project Type: Branding and Identity   

My Role: Art Direction & Visual Design

The Challenge

I was tasked with ideating on a direction that represented the 23 different characters and personalities in the program and be able to create a cohesive visual that ties them altogether.

Realizing each others’ uniqueness and the varying dynamics we had with each other, I opted towards a more loose and illustrative style. There’s something energetic and playful yet honest and personal about drawing with one’s hands. Traits that I found similar to who Cohort 4 was as a collective.

The results was a collection of personal icons that serve as a representation chosen by each student to visually represent themselves to others which opens up an opportunity for conversation and storytelling. Together they form a visual narrative that is both distinct and fun to celebrate the culmination of a 2-year journey together. 


EMORY Project
EMORY Project
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Log In Interface
Log In Interface
Log In Interface
Log In Interface
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