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LIGO Sardines 


LIGO Philippines has been the leading canned fish producer in the country for over 60 years. They take pride in their product by serving quality, nutritious, and delicious sardines to their “Ka-ba-ba-yan” (fellow Filipino) both local and abroad. Their array of flavors display their commitment to the ever-changing taste of their loyal patrons so as their flavors progress, every can of LIGO sardines should also reflect the level of quality that can be found inside.

Ligo Logo Original
Ligo Logo Spicy

Why LIGO Sardines

Recently, I found out that the company has celebrated its 65th year of being a household staple when it came to serving quality sardines in the Philippines. This immediately brought back fond memories of my mom cooking different dishes with Ligo sardines. Whether it was used to make an omelette with fresh chilis, a soup dish with rice noodles, or simply heating up the fish straight out of the can, it was always a delicious experience that I would never forget. It was these types of foods that helped define my first experiences with food growing up.

Celebrating 65 years of Ligo

As a way to remember the past and celebrate my love for food, I decided to challenge myself with reimagining the Ligo sardines logo as well as their packaging to convey a higher-quality product to its current patrons as well as to attract the young and brand-conscious consumers of today.

LIGO Before

Ligo Sardines Old Logo

At first glance, its current design and packaging do not communicate the words Premium and High Quality. The logo seems too big and the thickness of the lines seem disproportionate from each other. The style of its illustrations also doesn’t seem to match and it looks outdated which creates a lower quality perception towards the canned sardines. 

Finally, the half-oval shape containing all the elements makes the design feel too cramped and busy. 

The Brief

Before starting the redesign, I created a brief for myself to help create a general direction to where the brand could be. Off the bat, I knew that the brand could introduce a fresh and modern look to it to attract and connect with the new generation of young and savvy professionals who are always grinding and on the go.  

The Philippines, being an archipelago, is surrounded by large amounts of water so creating a feeling of more openness in their packaging could play well into creating a sense of honesty and transparency in their product. This also goes well with their goal in always innovating and expanding into different areas around the globe where Filipino immigrants can be found. 

Finally, convey a higher value on the outside that reflects the quality of the product that can be found inside each can of Ligo sardines. 

LIGO Redesign

Ligo Sardine with tomato Packaging
Ligo Sardine with tomato and chili Packaging
Brand Collateral
Ligo Street Posters

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