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East Bay 


Leadership East Bay (also known as LEB) is an organization that provides professional development training to managers and community leaders from diverse sectors within the East Bay Area. The organization pushes the boundaries of organizational management and collaboration by bringing together participants and subject matter experts from different industries within the area so that they could learn from one another and bring their knowledge back their communities.

What sets LEB apart from the competition is their hyper-local focus on providing education through local experiences as well as supporting all individuals within key areas such as Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Emeryville, and Kensington.

ScopeBrand Identity and Layout Design 

Timeline: 2 weeks 

Ligo Logo Original
Ligo Logo Spicy


Although LEB cater to a very specific market and aim to support the region, this is not apparent in their branding which became the problem I was approached to help design via a new brand identity and a promotional piece to help advertise their program.


Logo inspiration

Inspired by the organization’s hyper local focused education and training, I created a logo that was flexible and representative of all the different cities they serve within the region.  

I started with the basic geometric shape that makes up the East Bay Area. From there, zooming in and out created different graphical elements that represent the unique areas that are home to the leaders they aim to support.

Celebrating 65 years of Ligo
Emeryville California
El Cerrito California
Berkeley California
Ligo Sardines Old Logo
Ligo Sardines Old Logo

Expanding the brand colors allows LEB to create a unique and personalized experience for each participant based on their regions. These rich and vibrant colors and combinations radiate the life and energy rooted in each town in the East Bay Area.

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