Corean Todd

Bringing Community Back to Community College

Corean Todd is a community, labor, and family activist currently working professionally as an affordable housing coordinator. In 2018, during the elections, she ran for a seat on the Board of Trustees in the Peralta Community College District to take the next step towards creating change for students in her district. Although she was very active in reaching out to her community, she needed an online platform to easily communicate her plans and ideas to potential voters in her district.

This became the focus of the project I was approached to help design via a brand identity, a campaign website, and marketing materials to communicate the campaign.

Scope: UX/UI | Brand Identity | Layout Design

Timeline: 2 weeks


Given the short period of time Corean Todd had to promote her campaign, she wanted a website that easily displayed her ideas for her potential voters. She also wanted a way for them to show their support via donations as well as informing her of their district’s needs.

Finally, she needed a brand identity that could help unify and promote her campaign.


After several meetings with her campaign manager, I came up with a modular website as well as other campaign materials that emboddied Corean Todd and the hardworking nature of Oakland.

These deliverables helped her communicate her message as well as hear the voices of the residents within her district. Also, it allowed her to receive the support she needed to make the campaign successful.

Color Scheme









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Full Page Overview

Website Launch

In just a few days after launching the website, the campaign received tons of support from monetary donations that will fund the campaign, to volunteers who want to help canvas, and more endorsers willing to promote Corean Todd as a candidate.

Lastly, the website gave us more insight into the community’s needs and concerns regarding the current administration and how Corean could help them if she won a Board seat.

Marketing Materials




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