My Picture


I’m a strategy-driven brand and visual designer focused on solving challenges that will help bridge the gap in communication between organizations and their users. My skills lie in my ability to collaborate with stakeholders, understand their users’ needs, and translate them into creative and meaningful solutions.

I am highly interested in working on branding and creative projects in areas related to community building, e-commerce, food, and startup ventures but I am open to tackling new and interesting challenges that come my way.

Utilizing Design as a vehicle for positive change, I want to explore how businesses could leverage this idea in order to build communities around their organization. Let’s connect!


Discover Yourself

I strive to use my designs to spark interest and create awareness on topics related to culture and personal identity. This approach has helped my process in discovering my history and identity as a Filipino and an immigrant. 

Stand for something

I strive to have a voice and a point of view that communicates a clear message about who I am and what values I uphold.

Learn, Share, and Teach

I strive to share my knowledge whenever I can. This reinforces my education and cultivates a community that is not afraid to rely on each other for help.

Create Create Create

I strive to work with multiple mediums to help expand my creativity. This helps keep me inspired and open to new ways of approaching problems. 

Challenge Possibilities

I strive to push the limits and possibilities of an idea in order to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to solve problems.




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