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Let me introduce myself  .

I’m a strategy-driven UX and Brand Identity designer focused on solving challenges that will help bridge the gap in communication between organizations and their users. My skills lie in brand strategy, group facilitation, user research, visual design, and prototyping to produce content that can be used to build meaningful brands. 

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My Values  .

Teach and Share

I am a firm believer in sharing your knowledge whenever you can. Not only will it enforce your own ideas but it also cultivates a community that is not afraid to rely on each other for help.

Create Create Create

Even when I’m not designing, I try to find other ways to express myself and to keep my creativity sharp. I am lucky enough to have cooking as one of those outlets as it keeps my belly happy and full. I am currently learning more about Filipino Food because I want to learn more about my culture and heritage.

Value through Creativity

An object’s value can only be determined through how you choose to use it. In both my design and everyday life, I like to try to find the most cost efficient way to execute things before considering paying a premium because it forces me to rethink my approach and find a different route.


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