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My name is Bryan and I am a Brand and Visual Designer  focused on supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs and leaders to build a brand that connects with their community in a post-pandemic world. Let’s collaborate!


Brand Identity, Logo, Print Design

Cohort 4 Branding

Designing a visual system that represents a cohort of creative individuals.


Logo, Packaging Redesign

LIGO Sardines: Reimagining the Classics

As I venture down memory lane to my childhood back in the Philippines, LIGO Sardines has been a household staple that will always have a place in my heart. So I challenged myself to see how they can look like in today’s competitive market.

EMORY Project

Brandi Identity, UX/UI

EMORY: Restoring Meaningful Connections

Designing a different way to connect with family and friends during covid-19 isolation.

Leadership Easy Bay Logo

Brand Identity and Layout Design

Leadership East Bay

Empowering each individual by celebrating their town’s uniqueness while maintaining a unified theme that connects each one together. 

Corean Todd Project Cover

UX/UI, Web Design, Brand Identity

Corean Todd Campaign

Using design to make it easier for students and local residents to communicate and connect with their local representatives so they can make their voices heard.

Let's work together!